“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” Sir Winston Churchill

To go beyond ourselves, we have initiated a Let’s Give Together Program where proceeds from each Gardina.com sale will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF)

We have chosen to support AMF because it is a great organization, with a great reputation, doing great work and having great results. 

AMF is making a difference, and we want to do our part in helping them.

AMF provides funding for mosquito nets, specifically a long-lasting insecticide treated net (LLIN). Certain mosquitoes transmit malaria when they bite, and sleeping under a mosquito net is an effective way to prevent malaria.

Providing these nets to people living in the affected areas in developing countries, helps protect them from contracting malaria, as infected mosquitoes tend to bite between 10 pm and 2 am.

Every single mosquito net donated makes a difference! as statistics indicate that with the use of 100 – 1,000 nets in affected areas, one child does not die.

Please see the Against Malaria Foundation Page for more information about the organization, and check out Our AMF Fundraising Page

With Gratitude,

Gardina.com -  Let's Give Together Campaign


“The best investment with the least risk and the greatest dividend is giving.”  Sir John Templeton



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