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Why Us

Welcome to 

Who am I? Why did I start And why should you care?

Who am I?

I am based in “Beautiful British Columbia” Canada” on the West Coast, and we have this written on our license plates for a good reason.   We have breathtaking scenery - mountains, lakes, ocean, vast forests; fun outdoor activities too many to list here; and a vibrant Vancouver downtown scene with a full range of shopping, dining, and nightlife.

When I got my first job in grade 8 ($3 hours per hour!!) I started shopping frequently for clothes (and having a hamburger every single day throughout high school). Life was good.  I developed into a black-belt shopper, a phrase I coined to describe myself.  I excelled at finding high-end styles for my budget.  I purchased high-quality fashion for my age, rarely junk.  I loved it.  Those were good times!

As I became an adult, I continued developing my art of shopping.  Looking back, I realize I had quite a talent for fashion – creating a “look”, textures, lines, mixing colors, etc.; and could have successfully studied and done fashion as a profession.  However, I guess it is true what they say,” it is never too late”, so doing it now with and enjoying every minute of what I do. 

Why did I start

After I received notice that my decades-long stay-at-home-Mom Gig had ended, (My 4 babies grew up.) I went back to my initial intent of starting a business, and e-commerce was what I wanted to do.  (I love the e-commerce world)

The long-term vision for is to become an online luxury department style store that has high-end fashion for the entire family and the home.  I innately understand fashion, and truly want to be part of making people look and feel awesome about their appearance and home surroundings. 

And why should you care?

Who does not want to hear said to them, “Wow, you look awesome!”

That is why is here. To make you look and feel awesome in your clothing and home fashion styles.

As well, the intent is to consciously do all we can to help you have a more fun and engaging online shopping experience.  

Online stores don’t allow for person to person conversation, but we here at will do our best to create a more personal enjoyable online experience for you.

And finally, it is super important for us to include giving to charity through so that others in need can benefit from the commerce done through this store. 

Thus, we have a “Let’s Give Together Campaign” that will give a donation from the proceeds of each sale to charity. Please see the “Let’s Give Together Campaign” page for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and visiting us. Please drop by again.

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All the Best,

Michelle   "feel good fashion"


F…feel   flirt

E…exquisite    evolve     edgy

E…essential    enjoy     elegance

L…love     live     laugh   

G…giggle     gorgeous    

O…oodles    opera   

O…original   optimistic   

D…dance     dare     dessert 

F…fun     friend   

A…art     amazing            

S…style       smile       swag

H…honey     heart  

I.intelligent   imagine


N… new     

"feel good fashion" –



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