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Best anti aging secrets - You really need to know!

“Anti-aging” - against or opposed to growing older!

As we reach a milestone birthday, especially one that ends in zero, emotions can range from elated excitement to utter dread.

However, no judgment should be placed on where others are in that spectrum of emotions, as we all have our own personal journey.

We should try not to judge why others feel good or bad about getting older, as the reality of aging with its many concerns and all the youthful memories behind, can be tough for us all.

We may be looking back on memories of better health, more energy, the joy of raising a family, the camaraderie of past friends, past loves, and the joys and laughter from years gone by.

However, getting older can also mean getting better.  For instance, the following list gives examples of some perks that can occur from the aging process:

1. Allergies

Many people tend to outgrow seasonal allergies such as hay fever, and food allergies as they age.


2. Self Confidence

Life experiences and the wisdom it throws us help many to have more self-confidence and less shyness as they age.

3. Art

Many artists have passed who lived on “artists wages”, but over time their artist status and the monetary value of the artwork they left behind significantly appreciated.

4. Wine / Whiskey

Amongst other alcoholic beverages, the process of aging wine and whiskey can significantly produce a more mellow, smoother and richer tasting experience.

5. Antiques

Vintage clothes, cool old cars, and decades-old furniture are often more desirable and valuable than their current retail offerings.

Yes, the above list is a minuscule example that shows that the quality, experience, and results of many things benefit with the passing of time.

However with that being said, great art, a deluxe bottle of aged wine, your great grandmother’s rocking chair, and your neighbors cool vintage 1957 Blue Chevy, all do not have to wake up and look at themselves in the mirror and experience another day in our body - anti-aging efforts, why not?

Thus it is absolutely fantastic that there is a huge anti-aging industry with a large assortment of products, services, and resources to give you assistance to age over time in a favorable way.

For it is you who has to look in the mirror and desires to be as mobile and healthy as possible.  You want to have little or no aches and pains, and a healthy body that can still play golf or tennis with your children, or take the grandchildren to the park to play.

In fact, when you have grandchildren over and playing on your floor, it would be great to be able to also get on to the floor to join in the fun with them, and still be able to get up off the floor on your own!

Yes, anti-aging! We get it and appreciate the available opportunities. You want to try to be the best you can be at your ripening age, while still positively embracing who you have become over time.

Below are a few anti-aging tips to get you going, but don’t stop here.  Please continue to research offline and online, so you can find all the resources you need to help you age the best for your own particular situation.  

Create your own Custom Anti-Aging Program tailored for your own needs, but please seek the advice of your doctor and other health practitioners.

For instance, before using teeth whitening products speak to your dentist to ensure the product will not harm your teeth.

Just to get you started in your research, the following are some common recommendations that help with aging (ie. some of the “Best anti-aging secrets - You really need to know!” )

1. Sleep: 8 to 9 hours of sleep is recommended. As well, sleep on your back and use a silk pillowcase to decrease face wrinkles

2. Good skincare regime: use anti-wrinkle serums, gentle facial cleanser, refreshing toner, lush moisturizers, and apply super nourishing night time products. Research your local spa/skincare product retailer and call them up for an anti-aging chat inquiry, and a make a consultation appointment if interested.

3. Cucumber Circles: Put peeled sliced cucumber eye patches over eyes for 15 minutes to reduce puffiness and dark circles.  To be honest, I noticed I have tired puffy lines greeting me in the morning mirror, so during last evening’s grocery shopping I bought a cucumber.  I will be relaxing with cucumber eye patches at the end of the day. (wish me luck!)

4. Water: Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water for overall health and a radiant skin glow.

5. Vitamins: Take multivitamins especially vitamin C, E, antioxidants, and calcium.  Ask your doctor, health practitioner or local supplement store for anti-aging supplement advice. Note: Many supplement stores have extremely knowledgeable staff, so take the opportunity to pick their brain for tips/advice.

6. Exercise: 30 minutes a day of regular exercise such as a walk to enjoy and benefit from the fresh air will go a long way. Of course, there are countless other ways to get daily exercise, for example, a gym membership, but nothing beats a walk in the fresh air.

7. Sunscreen: Slap on sunscreen to prevent wrinkles, age spots and decreased skin elasticity.  TIP 101: Add a drop of sunscreen when using your hand screen to ward off age spots, and consider keeping sunscreen in your vehicle to put on your hands before driving.

8. Teeth: Maintain good teeth health with regular checkups and dental work to maintain a healthy beautiful smile. TIP 101: Try Coconut Oil pulling for its many benefits, including whiter teeth.


9. Salt, Sugar, Protein:  Cut back on salt and sugar, and target for 45 grams of protein per day.

10. Meditation: Meditation can help slow down the aging process because it helps to reduce stress.  Yoga and mindfulness techniques also help to reduce stress.

The above anti-aging list is by no far complete.  Please continue to research until you have all the information, products, methods, and tools you need for your own Custom Anti-Aging Program. As well, please consult your doctor for advice.

Even with your Custom Anti-Aging Program in perpetual progress, it is still great to “own it ! ” and embrace and celebrate your silver years, though you might have fond memories of better times, a better body, and firmer skin.

There are also many Bonus Benefits From Getting Older with a few mentioned in the following list:

1. You Feel Good About Your Life’s Accomplishments

2. You get Senior’s Discount’s

3. Good mannered people get up and give you their seat

4. Having more life experience results in improved empathy and social skills

5. You have more time to pursue your dreams/bucket list

6. You have more time for family and yourself

7. You may have grandchildren to love, spoil and return back to their parents for day-to-day care

8. You may have a more positive Outlook on Life - as did that, done that and survived that attitude to many things

9. You have a heightened Feel Good Vibration and more comfortable with yourself, being who you are, and voicing your opinions

10. You have the wisdom of an elder - you earned it!

So before we close things off, “the Best anti-aging secrets - You really need to know “ is the following.

Use all the research, products, services and resources at your disposal to create your own Custom Anti-Aging Program.

However, still, appreciate and swag all the numbers on your birthday cake, and remind yourself if you don’t already do about the many blessings that come along with getting older.

“You were beautiful yesterday, today, and still will be tomorrow, as wrinkles have nothing to do with true beauty.”

Have to run now and prepare my cucumbers!

Chat again soon,

Abigail Bird



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