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Tips For Women’s Shoes Taking Care of Suede

Suede shoes are incredibly popular and are a material used in many women’s shoes, however a lot of people are unsure about how to care for them properly which can cause the shoes to wear much quicker than they should do. By learning a few simple tips, you should be able increase the life of your shoes dramatically.

As suede shoes are usually expensive it is worthwhile investing in a few items to help care for them better. A clean pencil eraser is a great tool to keep with your shoe care products. This will help lift stains and marks out of the suede. However, rub very gently to avoid damaging the material. Buy a small brush to help remove stains, which can be a dry toothbrush or even a nail brush. This can be used to draw out dry stains and remove clumps of dirt. After this you should use a suede brush to restore the surface of the material and keep it looking good.

As women’s shoes will often get wet if you get caught in the rain or some other hydrological tragedy befalls you it is important to know how to dry your shoes out without damaging them. Firstly, you should use paper towels in order to draw out some of the excess moisture. Dab your shoes rather than rubbing to avoid working any stains in. Take some paper and pack the inside of your shoes out, this will help draw moisture out from the inside and help the shoes maintain their shape as they dry.

You should never apply direct heat to suede shoes as this will dry out the fabric and cause them to crack, so do not use a hairdryer or place them near radiators. Instead place them in a warm place without direct heat and allow them to dry naturally.

Women’s shoes should be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good. For suede shoes you should use a suede protector. This should be worked into the material while dry and then left to soak in and dry. This will help keep the shoes clean as well as protect them from moisture by creating a water-resistant barrier.

You should never use chemicals on suede so if you get a stain which cannot be brushed out then you should take them to be cleaned professionally rather than applying chemicals which would damage the material.

As you can see taking care of suede is not as difficult as people make out, so do not worry about buying women’s shoes made of this fine material, just know how to care for them.

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By Chris J Foster on February 10, 2012